Desired face subliminal

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This product includes

  1. A subliminal that will help you achieve your desired face and your desired aura (It will help you achieve your desired facial features, face shape, skin tone, and skin undertone. It will also help you achieve a clear skin and help you remove any scar, mole or acne that you don’t want.)
  2. A unique powerful beauty sigil i made
  3. An instruction on how to use the sigil with this subliminal
  4. Link to a google document that has answers to some faqs and how to use subliminals

There’s a calming rain sound on top of the affirmation audio.💦 I chose rain sound specifically because water is related to beauty and new changes.

The subliminal is 3 minutes 36 seconds long.

Anyone can use this subliminal.

What is the difference between this subliminal and the ones i post on youtube?

  • This subliminal includes new affirmation formula that hasn’t been used in any of the subliminals posted on my youtube.
  • This subliminal was made with planet Venus’s blessing. (Venus represents beauty) + I casted my personal beauty+wish granting spell on this subliminal
  • This product includes a unique sigil that i made just for this subliminal.
  • This subliminal has a powerful spell casted on and the spell’s energy is designed to be specifically directed towards those who purchase this.

Why does it cost 38 dollars?

  • Spell ingredients
  • My energy used in the spell (Biggest reason for the price. Casting a spell costs a lot of energy. It can be very exhausting.)
  • My time

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A subliminal + A sigil + An instruction + Link to a google document


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Desired face subliminal

2 ratings
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